Northern Mountain Discovery Packages

Moving along curving road, walking around an unknown tribal villages, trekking up and down hills if you wish, home stay with locals and sample their traditional food… such experiences are all included in your memorable trip to explore the northern mountains...

Ha Giang adventure tour Ha Giang adventure tour

Lying on the northernmost land of Vietnam, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh are three districts of Ha Giang Province which are known amongst Vietnamese as the poorest but the most magnificent part of the country. The trip, which can be called challenge limestone highland on 4WD, will take you travel through this region with chances to meet tribal peoples from minority groups to understand real life for admiring.

Northwest Vietnam Exposure Northwest Vietnam Exposure

The remote northwest of Vietnam offers the dedicated traveler some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire country. For centuries the local ethnic minority peoples have made their livelihoods, building beautiful rice terraces that cling precariously to the mountains near the borders of China and Laos. Meet them, visit their markets, and gain an understanding of a culture a world apart from your own. After a short flight from Hanoi you will be in the historical site of the famous battle field of Dien Bien Phu which ended the long war with the French. It is worthwhile to pay visit to war historical site with revision of the history before spending the rest 5 days to explore wild nature and diversity culture of the ethnic minority groups.

The Hidden Northwest Vietnam The Hidden Northwest Vietnam

Magnificent mountains covered with thick rain forest, lush plantation, wild nature and friendly people from different ethnic minority groups with their colorful and fantastic culture and custom… That is all this untouched area offers. However, this trip is for those who are brave and ready to sacrifice time, energy and city modern facilities… to the exploring wild nature as well as discovering diversified culture of the ethnic minority peoples.Basically use vehicle for the whole trip but walking and trekking is quite regularly and flexible for your decision. Accommodation for the whole trip is in standard hotels guesthouses and village home stay.

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