Sapa Ethnic Market Tours

Sapa markets & Ethnic minority peoples dominate Sapa as well as the vast northern mountainous region and have been living in their traditional style which base on self subsidiary system for hundred of years...

Bac Ha and Coc Ly Markets Bac Ha and Coc Ly Markets

In this three day trip, you will join the locals at two ethnic minority markets in the eastern mountainous region of Lao Cai Province and take a full day trekking to enjoy beautiful landscapes, meeting Flower H’mong, Tay and Phu La ethnic minority peoples, witnessing their every day activities and experiencing their hospitality.

Can Cau market and Bac Ha Markets Can Cau market and Bac Ha Markets

Can Cau Market on Saturday and Bac Ha Market on Sunday have formed a kind of week end festival of local ethnic peoples in Bac Ha District. There are peoples from some other tribal groups such as Black Zao, Tay, Zay to attend, but the colorful traditional costume of the Flower H’mong dominates these two markets. Combining the market activities with visiting to some tribal villages set amongst beautiful nature for new culture discovery the trip is really memorable and yields good chance for photo hunters.

Coc Ly Market tour Coc Ly Market tour

Getting off the beaten track, moving along quiet roads, be amidst wild and fabulous nature, exploring remote villages, meeting locals from some very small ethnic groups and joining them at their weekly market. This 2 days trips is for those who love wild nature, new culture discovery and wish to be away from crowds.

Lung Khau Nhin Market and Sapa Minority Lung Khau Nhin Market and Sapa Minority

A very rural tribal market in an touched region near Chinese border where ethnic minority peoples, some coming from very small groups, gather every Thursday, the Lung Khau Nhin Market is a highlight of this trip. Visiting this market as well as tribal villages in the two most beautiful valleys of Sapa the trip help you to focus on Vietnam’s ethnicity and nature’s beauty.

Muong Hum Market and Sapa Tribal Villages Explore Muong Hum Market and Sapa Tribal Villages Explore

Attending tribal Sunday Market in Muong Hum for encountering the most variety of tribal peoples in their colorful traditional dresses, enjoying fresh smell from exotic herbs and spices,.. walking along the trails winding up and down hills in spectacular Ta Phin and Muong Hoa Valleys, paying visit to Red Zao, Black H’mong or Zay villages and homes… they are all unforgettable experiences included in this trip.

Muong Khuong Market and Sapa Hilltrible Visit Muong Khuong Market and Sapa Hilltrible Visit

In the festive atmosphere of the region’s biggest market, Muong Khuong offers a chance to encounter peoples from some very small ethnic groups: The Pa Zi, Tu Zi and Tu Lao beside the H’mong and Zao who can be met in most other markets in Lao Cai. Together with two days exploring Sapa’s tribal villages your vacation will be highlighted by nature wonders, new culture discovery and excitement

Pha long market and Cao Son Ecolog Pha long market and Cao Son Ecolog

Getting away from busy tourists popular attractions. deep yourselves in the beauty of primitive nature in the remote region near Chinese border, paying visit to tribal villages, making acquaintance with local peoples from ethnic minority groups including the Flower H’mong, Black Zao, Pa Zi, Tou Zi, Bo Y and especially joining them at the Pha Long Market for the significant event of the week near… you will enjoy your discovery of new cultures as well as unspoiled nature and having many more friends.

Sapa Bac Ha market Sapa Bac Ha market

Visiting and joining some thousands of Flower H’mong peoples at the most famous Sunday market in Lao Cai Province, easy walking to explore tribal villages scattering around the stunning valleys of Sapa, this is the most wanted trip for 3 days experiences of tribal culture discovery. This trip can be revised for Saturday departure from Hanoi.

Sapa Coc Ly Market tour Sapa Coc Ly Market tour

Joining the Flower H’mong and Zao at Coc Ly, a very rural tribal market, walking in Sapa’s most stunning valleys, paying visit to ethnic minority villages and homes for witnessing unique way of life,… this 3 day trip brings all aspects of local life and wanders to your holidays and will be unforgettable.

Sapa Explorer and Remote Cao Son Market Sapa Explorer and Remote Cao Son Market

Walking to visit remotest villages, meeting tribal peoples at home, at work and joining them to enjoy their most exciting weekly event at market place, wandering the famous Sapa town and exploring its surrounding tribal villages…you will enjoy the stunning scenery of the mountainous region as well as discovering interesting culture of tribal peoples. It is also a good chance to see the contrast between a famous tourist destination and a really rural one.

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